Metal Detector for Adults - Professional Metal Detector Gold and Silver with LCD Display, High Accuracy Pinpoint 5 Modes, 10" Coil Lightweight Metal Detector Stem Adjustable to 60.2"

 This appears to be a professional metal detector designed for adults, with features such as an LCD

display, high-accuracy pinpointing, 5 different modes, and an adjustable stem. It also has a 10-inch coil

and is designed to be lightweight. It's advertised as being able to detect gold and silver specifically.

Additionally, it can adjust the stem to a length of up to 60.2 inches, which allows for comfortable

use for people of different heights. The various detection modes may include options such as all-

metal mode, discrimination mode, and beach mode. The LCD display may show information such

as the type of metal detected, depth of detection, and battery status. It may also have features

such as volume control and a headphone jack for private use. Overall, it is a well-equipped and

versatile metal detector for professional and serious hobby use.

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