What is PropellerAds, an alternative Google Adsense

 PropellerAds is an online advertising platform that provides solutions for both advertisers and

publishers. Advertisers use the platform to display their advertisements to a targeted audience,

while publishers use it to monetize their websites or mobile applications by displaying ads. The

platform offers a variety of ad formats, including display, pop-under, native, and push

notifications, among others. PropellerAds operates on a cost-per-impression (CPM) model,

meaning advertisers pay for every thousand impressions their ad receives.

PropellerAds was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in London, UK. The platform offers detailed targeting options for advertisers, allowing them to reach their desired audience based on factors such as geography, device type, and user behavior. The platform also provides analytics and reporting tools to help advertisers monitor their campaigns and measure their success.

For publishers, PropellerAds provides a variety of ad formats that can be easily integrated into their websites or mobile applications. The platform also offers real-time reporting, which allows publishers to track their earnings and performance.

In addition to its advertising solutions, PropellerAds also provides support and resources to help both advertisers and publishers maximize their results. This includes training materials, tutorials, and a dedicated support team.

Overall, PropellerAds is a comprehensive advertising platform that offers a range of solutions to help businesses reach their target audience and monetize their websites or mobile applications.

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