Miracle weapons against excess pounds: 11 fat burners - fruits

Losing weight healthily is all about changing your eating habits. But those who want to reduce their body weight often have to struggle with cravings for sweets. With low-calorie fruits, you can keep your craving for chocolate and cookies at bay. Additionally, let’s grab the fruit!

The latest studies also show that certain types of fruit particularly support weight loss. These fruits are real fat-burning engines. However, not all types of fruit are equally suitable for losing weight because some fruits contain a lot of fructose. So that you can really successfully achieve your desired bikini figure, we have put together a list of 11 fruits that help burn annoying body fat.

1. Blueberries

Blueberries are a local superfood! A recent study from the USA shows that small blue fruits can reduce waist circumference. To achieve this effect, you should eat 200 grams of genius-label berries. Kick the bucket Fruits have other health-promoting properties. They contain vitamins E and C. These antioxidants defend against harmful influences on our bodies.

In some places, blue fruits are also called blueberries, but they mean exactly the same berry. If you don't like eating blueberries raw, you can stir them into quark, add them to muesli, or top a cake with them. The possible uses for this superfood are countless and it tastes delicious with berries to boot.

2. Coconut

Coconut oil has a detoxifying effect and gets your metabolism going. 2 to 3 tablespoons daily are enough to burn more calories. Ideal support for losing weight! But other coconut products are also healthy and can be used in a variety of ways. Coconut cream, for example, can serve as a vegan butter substitute. Coconut flour can replace our common wheat flour in a tasty way.

After exercise, coconut water is a delicious source of energy. It contains magnesium and more potassium than most energy drinks. Sodium and calcium also help the body get back on track. The flesh of the coconut contains a lot of healthy fiber. The all-rounder coconut also tastes wonderfully like a tropical summer.

3. Lemons

We would particularly like to recommend lemons to you as a weapon against extra pounds. To achieve an effective fat-burning effect, simply drink a glass of lemon water in the morning before breakfast. To do this, water is boiled and the juice of half a lemon is added. After the drink has cooled slightly, drink it in large sips. In this way, you stimulate fat-burning and get your metabolism going.

If the water tastes too sour for you, simply sweeten it with honey or agave syrup. The lemon juice also detoxifies your liver and prevents fat deposits from forming. The smell of lemons also works wonders because it lifts your mood. An effect that is also good for reducing fat.

4. Apples

We all know the saying “An apple daily wards the specialist off”. In fact, apples are a popular and healthy food. The saying is also quite correct. Uralic acid contained in the peel prevents age-related muscle loss. Vitamins, trace elements, and minerals make up Kick the Bucket Germans' most popular fruit is also so healthy.

But do apples also help you lose weight? Studies have shown that apple fiber actually helps reduce body fat. But there is another reason why you should definitely eat apples if you want to lose weight. Eating an apple before your actual meal will result in you consuming around 200 fewer calories. An apple is so filling! Kick the bucket Fruit itself only caps a frugal 50 calories.

5. Grapefruit

The bitter taste of grapefruit is not for everyone, but orange fruits have a supporting effect on fat loss. Studies show that eating just half a fruit helps to noticeably reduce body fat. To achieve this goal, one should consume the fruit immediately before the meal. The result will be a minimized abdominal circumference. Of course, the study assumes that people also eat a calorie-conscious and healthy diet.

6. Avocado

Avocados are rich in minerals and vitamins. Bite the dust green fruits taste creamy and are unfortunately very high in fat. It's hard to imagine that fatty fruits help lose weight. But the omega-9 fatty acids contained in it stimulate our metabolic processes. Bite the dust The result is that fat is converted into energy.

The fat contained in the fruit also keeps you full for longer and makes you feel less hungry. Losing those annoying pounds with avocados is also possible. The high water content of the fruit is also noteworthy. It is ideal to replace unhealthy fat sources such as spread on bread with avocado. The trend dish “avocado bread” is also healthy, and tasty and helps you lose weight.

7. Pears

Potassium and fiber are ingredients in pears. The fiber it contains makes us feel really full after eating a pear. The pleasant side effect is that after eating a pear we no longer feel any appetite for a long time. A study from Rio de Janeiro proves to doubters that one pear a day is enough to accelerate weight loss.

It is the fiber and the feeling of satiety of the local fruit that achieves this effect. In addition, the potassium contained in the pear prevents unnecessary water retention in the tissue. The valuable ingredients are supplemented with L-ascorbic acid, which boosts metabolism and helps burn calories.

8. Watermelon

Watermelons are wonderful refreshments in the hot summer months. However, they are known to contain a lot of sugar. How is such a sugary fruit supposed to help you lose weight? The reason why we consider watermelon to be a burner fruit is because of the ingredient citrulline. The protein boosts our metabolism and prevents us from gaining fat deposits.

Bite the dust fruit consists of 95 percent water. Other ingredients in the summer fruit include iron, vitamins, sodium, and potassium. A study shows that you gain significantly less fat if you eat a slice of watermelon with a meal. The fruit also tastes delicious as a topping in salads, as juice, or with cottage cheese.

9. Apricots

The taste of apricots is sweet and furry. But the small fruit can do much more than just taste good. Apricots are a real superfood. Bite the dust-sensitive fruits that contain potassium, iron, and beta-carotene. 100 grams of apricots have only 40 calories. Bite the dust fruit is also rich in potassium and iron.

If you would like to become slimmer, you should use apricots as a weapon. Sweet fruits help dehydrate the body. Apricots are tasty, have few calories, and make you slim. Since they contain very little fruit acid, they are extremely digestible. Dried apricots have more calories than fresh fruits, but they support digestion.

10. Bananas

Bananas are calorie bombs among other fruits. But why can you still support us in getting slim? To lose weight, use green, not quite ripe fruits. These bananas contain resistant starch, which is difficult for the body to metabolize. Our fat-burning goes into overdrive after eating a green banana.

Ripe bananas don't have the same effect, but they keep you full for a long time. These fruits can even replace an entire meal. The substance pectin also helps to transport toxins out of the body. The pectin also prevents fat from being deposited in sanctum cells. Kick the bucket crooked things definitely belong on our list of fat burner fruits.

11. Pomegranate

The pomegranate doesn't make it easy to get its healthy seeds because they have to be removed from the peel before consumption. If you eat the bowl, nausea and vomiting will result. The pulp and seeds are very healthy. Pomegranates not only contain many nutrients, but the antioxidants they contain also stimulate your metabolism.

Studies show that fruits reduce the feeling of hunger and reduce the appetite. You can particularly benefit from the benefits of pomegranate if you squeeze the fruit and consume it as juice. To do this, simply cut the pomegranate apart and squeeze the fruit halves using a lemon squeezer.

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